Loneliness #2


It was already getting very late that night, but I had to somehow submit a report to my boss. When I left my cubicle it was eleven. I reached the bus stop to catch the last bus of the route. But after fifteen minutes I grew impatient and started looking for a cab. I started walking in the direction of my apartment with eyes set on every passing vehicle. My shirt was wet with perspiration. After all it was a warm summer night of Kolkata. I had no idea how much I had walked as my mind was heavy with all the events of the day. But apart from that, I still hadn’t recovered from the experience of the metro a few months ago. Throughout the day as I worked, her face kept flashing in front of my eyes. Everyday my yearning to catch just a glimpse was increasing. Altogether I wasn’t living a happy life without her.

A cold breeze was now blowing around the place from where I was passing. But there was no sign of a single cab. As I kept walking, it started to rain out of nowhere. There was no sign of any building or shade nearby so I had no option but to keep walking while getting drenched in the cold rain.

I still remember the first time we got drenched in that rain together. The feeling of her wet hair in between my fingers came back to me that moment.

As I continued on my dismal walk, a car passed by me at high speed. But it went a little further and then with apparently for no reason, it stopped. The lady who was driving the car came out and kicked the car’s front wheel with all her might. But in the process, she hurt herself and started screaming in agony.

I rushed to her aid and when I reached near her I saw a broken nail and a small pool of blood around the place she was standing.

“Are you okay” I asked her with my eyes fixed on her feet. “I don’t think so. I can’t feel my leg.” She replied with pain evident from every word she spoke.

Her voice suddenly took my mind off everything. I looked up almost instantly and saw that it was indeed her. “Aisha, it is you!” I said with a huge smile on my face.

“Aisha? Who’s Aisha? Surely you have mistaken me for somebody else. I am Archana.” She said in a soft moaning voice.

“Don’t act smart with me Aisha. We met a few months ago in metro train and we talked for half an hour. It’s me Anubhav”, I blurted out everything in one breath.

“I am not Aisha for God sake!” She replied sharply.

Something was wrong. She was the same person yet she refused directly. Finally, keeping all thoughts aside I asked, “Do you need help?” “Yes, can you help me fix my stupid car? It just broke down out of no reason.” She said in a soft and cute voice.

“Fate” I thought but didn’t say out loud. “I don’t know think I can fix your car but I can help you get a cab to your home.” I said half assuredly. “Hmmm… that will work too!” she said while untying her hair. “Can you walk?” I asked her looking at her wet and dripping hair. “I can try if you help me!” she replied. “Sure” I extended my shoulder towards her. She put her arm around my shoulder and started walking. She took a few steps and started moaning and limping as blood spewed from her toe.

I knew that she could have taken it otherwise and it wasn’t a very good idea but without much thinking I picked her in my arms. As our bodies touched, I felt an odd exhilarating shiver run through me.

She was lighter than I had imagined. I continued walking as she wrapped her hands around my neck with a tinge of embarrassment. I looked at her cute face and said, “don’t worry we will get a cab soon.”  She smiled but didn’t say anything. It was a strange moment for both of us but it was amazing in its own way.

There were still few things I hadn’t done in my college and this was one of them. Although she wasn’t here, but in a way I felt her presence wrapped around my existence. Every raindrop reminded me of her and I felt myself much closer to her.

“Who is Aisha?” she broke the silence after some time. “Someone I met in the metro train a few months ago. I haven’t seen her ever since then.” I replied with a sigh. “It seems that you have fallen in love with her!” she said with a smile. “No, no it’s just that you reminded me of her and she reminded me of someone I love.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. “Okay I understand. I just came out of a relationship recently myself. I know how it feels to be away from someone you love and care for.”  She said with sadness glued to her every word. “Why did you guys break off?” I asked with my eyes fixed at the road as raindrop caressed my face. “Sometimes life doesn’t tend to go in your favor.” She seemed disinterested in talking about it. “Everything will be fine in no time.” I said in an assuring tone. “I hope so.”  She muttered.

“What does she look like?” Hers rosy lips curled in a wry smile as she asked me the question. I didn’t take much time to think because her face was burned in my eyes. “I have never seen such a lovely thing in my life. Her face is so innocent that I always felt like holding it in my hands and kissing her all day long. One look at her eyes used to steal all my pain and sadness away. She used to hold my hand and look at me so kindly that I could just look at her all day. I would skip a heartbeat at the sight of her emerging out of the girl’s hostel. She had brightened up my life with her mere presence.” For some inexplicable reason I found myself blushing. 

“You are one heck of a lover boy I tell you!” she couldn’t suppress her laughter and continued. “Wish I had a boyfriend like that!” “Keep searching, you might just get one someday.” I answered back. “So what’s your story?” I had to know. Just as she opened her mouth to reply, a cab emerged from nowhere and stopped in front of us. Damn it, just when it was getting interesting.

“Do you guys need help?” the driver asked in a rasping voice. “Yes, get her to her home as fast as possible. She is injured.” I replied back. I let her down softly and helped her get in. “Thanks for everything.” She said in a soft voice. “It’s okay. Can I have your number?” I just didn’t want to repeat the same thing again. “You are very direct.” Her face looked flushed. She produced a small piece of paper and jolted down something on it before handing it to me. “Hope we meet again soon.” I murmured. The taxi started and began to drift away. She waved at me.

The taxi vanished out of my sight in no time. I kept walking with the piece of paper crumbled in my grip. Curiously, I opened it.

My eyes flared in shock. The note fell off my hand. I couldn’t help but laugh like a mad man.

The note said- “You are so easy to fool!” –Aisha



Loneliness #1


As I descended the stairs, a cold and bright station crowded with hundreds of people came into my sight. I joined the herd to board the metro train to Dum-Dum, the last stop. From where I was waiting, it would take one complete hour to reach my destination. As I stood there on the platform, eyeing every minute detail of the place, as I have done thousands of times, to find any change that might have crept in that place. Nothing had changed. The television set hanging from the ceiling was tilted to one side; the pillar with the weighing machine still had the poster of some coaching center for competitive exams, the rail lines were filled with the smell of mouth fresheners and so on.

I have been traveling for a very long time in metro trains and they had become a vital part of my life. Sometimes in my dreams I could hear the soft music that kept playing incessantly on the platforms, before I jumped off in front of a screaming train…

The train ride was more interesting for me than waiting like an oaf on the station. The loud groaning noise of the fast approaching train excited me more than anything because I still remember the first time I rode it. I was very much scared. Father had held my tiny hands and smiled at me with an assuring look. It was fifteen years ago.

As I waited for the three forty train, distant memories of my college floated back to me. The smiling faces of my friends flashed before my eyes with the train which entered the platform at a blinding speed and a gush of wild wind. The pressurized automatic doors opened in front of me and I stepped inside with what felt like hundreds of people, tired and frustrated with their own lives. The coach was empty so I got a seat without much hassle. A fat aunty sat beside me who had perfumed to extremity. After a brief announcement, the doors got shut and the train picked up speed almost instantly. With so many people standing in front of me, I could only see shining buckles and leather hand bags. After a few stations, people had reduced in numbers and now I could see the faces of people scattered in various portions of the swaying coach.

As my eyes switched form one person to another, I caught the glimpse of a pretty girl sitting next to an old man reading a Bengali newspaper. I tried to shift my gaze away from her face, but I found myself incapable of doing so. Her innocent face reminded me of someone from my college. She was dozing off careless about the world around her. I was pretty sure I had never seen her before. I wanted to get a closer look but I wasn’t sure it would be a good idea to sit beside her. Also, there was a chance that it was her grandfather sitting beside her and may react if he found that I was eyeing his granddaughter like a dork.   So I stayed put to my place with my eyes glued to her face.

Suddenly, the train entered a station with a loud screech and jolted a bit more than usual which woke her up. And the first thing she saw, as she opened her beautiful eyes, was me looking at her in awe. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand possibly because she thought that she was drooling. I quickly volunteered my gaze to the floor after that.

It was a bit awkward situation. I swore to God, I won’t look at her again. The fat aunty beside me got up and somebody else took her seat. I couldn’t help but think about her. Why was this happening to me all of a sudden?

The next time I looked up, I saw the old man sitting alone. God! Where did she go? Wait a minute. Who just took the seat beside me? As I slowly turned my head, I saw her sitting beside me and looking at me with a smile on her face. I gulped and smiled wryly at her as well.  

By that time, the coach had nearly gone empty save us and a few more people. We were still looking at each other when she started first, “Do I know you?” “I have been trying to answer that question for the past half an hour.” I said sheepishly. I stretched my hand towards her and continued, “I am Anubhav.” “I am Aisha”, she gripped my hand with a cold and soft hand. “I must say you have a very warm hand!” She said looking at my eyes. Have I seen those eyes somewhere before? They were magical in some way because every time her eye lashes came down, I missed a heartbeat.

We started conversing about various things after that.  Familiarity increased with every passing second and in ten minutes, I knew almost everything about her. She was of my age and was working for GE ltd. She lived alone in Kolkata. Finally, she looked at me and said, “Enough about me. Lets talk about you…”

I was busy looking at her face and didn’t listen to her. When she realized that, she smiled and asked, “What is it that you cannot take your eyes off my face? Have you fallen in love with me?” Absentmindedly a “yes” escaped my mouth. I realized what I had done and shamefacedly said, “No, no its not…” before I could finish, she took my hand and smiled at me. She didn’t look angry or embarrassed. “So you believe in love at first sight?” She asked.

I was feeling the same awkwardness which I had felt sometime before. She understood my condition and said, “Hey, it’s okay if you like me!” Her lips widened into a beautiful smile. At that moment I had a very strong impulse of kissing her but then I controlled my emotions from converting into action.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. But you do resemble someone I know very well.” I said after a short pause. “Is she close to you?” You love her?” She asked me with a childlike innocence. “Yes, I love her very much, but right now she is living far away from me.” I answered with a sigh.

“Hmm… I am pretty sure she loves you like the way you love her and she must be one lucky girl to have you.” She winked at me with mischievous eyes.

Why does this girl has so frightening resemblance to her? I couldn’t stop thinking. I felt as if she was sitting with me but just had a different name.

Then we heard the announcement that the train had reached Dum-Dum. She looked at her watch, then at me and said, “Wish we had some more time. Let’s see, if fate permits, we will see other soon.” She gave a peck a on my cheek, got up and left the coach in a hurry.

I was not sure what just happened. But then I got up and raced out of the coach to catch her but then she had vanished. With heavy steps I walked out of the platform. Damn it, I should have asked for her cell phone number when I had the time.

After that day, I waited for her in the three forty train but I never found her again. I wish I could relive that day again. Only time will tell what lies in the cold and bleak future…

I am Sorry… #3

Chapter 3



For a second Aakriti couldn’t believe her own eyes and ears that Ankush was calling her. But then, he really was. Aakriti slowly got up from her chair and went up to him.

She still couldn’t accept the fact that the person lying on the bed was her boyfriend.

“Aakriti… You came to see me?” Ankush was writhing in pain as evident from every word he spoke. She bent over him and kissed him. She didn’t want him to speak. A tear rolled down her crimson cheek and fell on his bruised neck. She couldn’t hold back her tears. Large drops of tears fell everywhere as she moved away from him and put her cold hand on his face.  

“You are freezing. Here, hold my hand.” Ankush extended his pale hand towards Aakriti.

Aakriti suddenly remembered every time he had said that exact thing to her. She cupped his palm in between her hands and started crying again. She kissed his hand again and again and felt relieved to see him awake.

“Don’t cry dear. I am alright. I already feel strong just to find you sitting beside me.” Ankush said with a smile. She couldn’t understand him. Even after such a big accident and lying half dead for five days on the bed, the first thing he was trying to do was comfort her.

She sent a text to Neha to rush to the hospital as Ankush was finally awake. Then she turned to him and said in a fake angry voice, “Why do you smile all the time? It really bugs me a lot.” Inside she was feeling inexplicable joy just to see him smile and talk.

“I am happy to see you here…” He said in a weak voice.

He could feel the dampness of her skin as he placed his frail hand upon her cheek.

Aakriti couldn’t find words to say. Was she witnessing the live instance of true and undying love?

“I am sorry you had to come down to Kolkata. I am sorry you have to see me like this.” Ankush apologized.

“If I slap you right now, you will die.” Aakriti was getting annoyed. “You don’t know the first thing about me, do you?” She continued. “No matter what happens, I will be there for you…”

“I love you Aakriti. When I get out of this place, we will go to some place together. Just you and me!” Ankush felt a strange burning sensation which was spreading through his entire body as he spoke.


“I love you too… Are you feeling okay? Ankush… Ankush can you hear me?” Aakriti watched in horror as Ankush took rapid breaths and suddenly blood trickled down his mouth and ears. She got up to call for help but Ankush clasped her hand firmly.

“Don’t leav… leave me… I am sorr… sorry… I wish… I could be with you for som… some more time… Meanwhile the heart monitor beeped wildly along with other equipment.  

“I am not leaving you. You will be fine.” Aakriti shivered as she saw him in mind numbing pain.

In a minute, a group of nurses accompanied by a doctor had entered the room. One of the nurses pushed her out of the room and shut the glass door behind her. Soon she was joined by Neha and her parents but colour had vanished from their faces too when they heard from the doctor that Ankush has suddenly gone into shock.

The doctor said it was hypovolemic shock or maybe hemorrhagic shock.” Ankush’s father said as the four of them looked at the proceedings inside the room with astonishment on their faces.

Aakriti closed her eyes. “I am sorry. I wish I could be with you for some more time…” His words played again and again in her mind. She opened her eyes. She saw Ankush looking at her but he was not moving anymore. His blood shot eyes froze in her direction. His injections infested hand slipped and hung loosely over the ground.

The doctor looked in their direction and then looked away. It was all over.

The nurses had to hold his mother as she wailed like a mad person. Neha and her father sobbed and tried to pacify her.

Aakriti put her hand on the glass wall. She saw a nurse cover up his face.

She broke down after that.

I am sorry… I wish I could be with you for some more time…”


Dedicated to the person who is the sole reason I write…

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I am Sorry… #2

Chapter 2


“Neha, sweetheart, please don’t cry. God! I had no idea. When did this happen?” Suddenly, Aakriti felt numb.

“It happened four days ago. His car hit a tree after he lost control…” Neha sobbed uncontrollably.

“Relax Neha. Everything will be alright. I will talk to you later.” Aakriti disconnected the call. The phone slipped from her sweaty palm and fell on the floor with a loud thud.

The same phone, for which she had to argue with her mother and plead to her father.

Her head spun and she lost control of herself. She leaned against the cold wall and collapsed. Tears coursed down her cheeks.

After some time she got up and washed her face. Then she knocked on her parent’s bedroom. “Come in Beta…”  A heavy voice reached her ears. “Mom, Dad can I talk to you about something?” Reluctantly Aakriti entered the room.

The next morning Aakriti boarded a flight from Delhi to Kolkata. She cried the entire time. She couldn’t wait to see him again. She wanted to hug and kiss him. She wanted to take away his pain. She suddenly realized that her love for him was more than she thought.

As she entered the hospital, her head felt heavy with worry. She braced herself for she knew what she was about to see was something terrible.

He was in a much worse condition she thought he would be. He was still in an unconscious state. His head was bandaged. He had a fractured leg. He was on the life support system. In the last four-five days he had opened his eyes just once for some moments after which he had again slipped into a heavy stupor.

Her lips quivered. She couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. Neha saw her and made her sit on a bench nearby.  

His parents were standing outside his room peering through the glass with expectant eyes as his chest heaved with every breath.

Aakriti asked his parents to take some rest and asked Neha to take them home and leave everything to her. After talking to the doctor, she went inside his room. Old memories flooded her mind. She felt completely helpless.  

She didn’t realize when she had fallen asleep near his bed. She dreamt about them.


Ankush was calling her but she was walking away from him. He kept screaming her name. Still she kept walking. Finally when she turned around, he was nowhere to be seen.

All of a sudden she woke up from her dream. As she rubbed her eyes she heard a moan.



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I am Sorry…

Chapter 1



“Had a great day with friends. The food was wonderful, the place beautiful and the people amazing. Thank you guys for a lovely time.”

After updating her status, Aakriti stretched her arms and legs. It had been a tiresome day for her. The attention see got all day long kind of made her feel great. “Who cares if I am a narcissist bitch?” she thought with a smile on her face.

As her gazed returned to the world of Facebook and she scrolled down she saw an old post in her feed list. It was posted by her boyfriend Ankush about a week ago. It was a beautiful love quote.

“The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.”

Surprisingly he hadn’t posted anything for a long time. “Hmm… I haven’t called him over a week now. He is so busy himself that he doesn’t feel like calling me too.” She thought. “Well everything will become normal once the vacations are over…” She got up and dived on her cozy bed.

She checked her wall clock. It was quarter to eight. She picked her new I phone and dialed his number. The phone rang on the other end but nobody picked the phone. After trying for one more time, she became so irritated that she thought of not calling him for the entire summer vacation.

After dinner, she opened her Facebook profile. Her pictures had already been flooded with likes and comments just like a celebrity. She chuckled. Suddenly her eyes wandered off to the picture frame on her desk. It was of her and Ankush. They looked wonderful together in the old picture.

“I should give it another try.” She thought although her inner self pleaded her to go to sleep. Still she picked up her phone and dialed again. After the second ring, someone picked up but it was not Ankush.

“Hello may I speak to Ankush?” she was already regretting her decision to make the call.

“I am sorry it’s not possible right now. This is his nurse speaking. I am sorry to inform you that Ankush is in ICU after a big accident. He still is in an unconscious state.” The lady on the other end seemed quite serious.

“Now listen bitch. Did Ankush ask you to play this vile trick on me? I want to talk with him right now.” Aakriti couldn’t control her anger anymore.

“Miss, mind your language. I guess you haven’t learned to talk with elders but I will repeat this one more time and listen well. I am not joking about Ankush. He is fighting with his life. Some of his relatives and friends are here. Please talk to his sister.” The nurse replied calmly yet sternly.

“Hello, Aakriti… Neha here. It’s true, brother is in…” Neha couldn’t hold back her tears.

From a torn out page…



The alarm clock woke me up again. It was a strange thing for me. I never used to wake up by the sound of alarm clocks in my life. Usually in the afternoon when I used to wake up, I used to find the annoying thing lying on the floor. But for last few days it felt as if I knew when it would ring. Maybe because the place beside me felt empty and cold every time I tossed and turned. Maybe because I didn’t have the reason to remain in the bed, with me anymore.   

I dragged my sad existence to the bathroom. I hated looking at the mirror hanging over the basin nowadays. The beard makes me look hideous. But I don’t feel like shaving. No one was there to complain about it anyway.

I felt hungry. I was used to her cooking. She would wake up and make wonderful things for me every single day. It was not only the food that excited me but the person who brought it for me from the kitchen with a beautiful smile on her smile. I burnt a toast and wasted an egg before I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea to cook something for myself.

Now that I was completely awake a question popped in my head. What to do now? Damn it. Another day has already begun. Another day from my life has already gone away. Life of a writer is very boring. The need to write something which will appeal to the mass is very taxing and frustrating. I hate scrawling. But I was doing that every day after she left me. I had lost my inspiration.

I thought of crawling back into my bed. The idea seemed lucrative. I grabbed my I-pod and lazily slunk inside my blanket. She gave it to me on our first anniversary. I like a fool had forgotten about the day and didn’t get her anything. The next day we had gone to the beach and spent the entire day playing in the sand and swimming in the blue sea. Later that night I got her the pearl necklace. She was in tears as I put it on her and we stood in front of the mirror. I can’t forget that night no matter what I do.

I felt the warm tear roll down my face. I closed my eyes. Memories flooded my mind. She loved the song that started playing.


Every time we went out, I would return a changed man. It felt as if I got a new lease for life. My pen would write by itself. I wouldn’t run out of things to write. While I wrote something or typed furiously on my laptop, she would hug me from behind, kiss my ears and sometimes pull or pinch them naughtily. I would get up from my place and chase her till we ended up kissing on the couch or cuddling up in the bed.  

It’s not the big things that make me miss her more. It’s the small things that make me wish I could have done something to bring her back into my life. It’s strange how big a gap a person can leave in your life. A gap that can’t be filled with anything no matter what you did.

They say you realize the importance of a person once he or she has left you. I can’t agree more…


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Papa… papa…


It was a beautiful winter evening. The snow fall had started again. A little girl entered the seven eleven store with her father. She liked the sound the glass door made every time somebody stepped near it which opened magically.

She was holding her father’s hand. But as soon as she entered the store she ran towards the confectionaries section like a shot arrow. She heard a trailing voice of her father, “Be careful sweetheart…” In a few moments, the little girl had reached the most beautiful place any child of her age would love to be. The place that stored thousands of chocolates wrapped in beautiful wrappers, candies of different shape and size, lollipops of million flavors and sweets of whose name even grownups didn’t know of. She put her face and tiny palms on the glass enclosure which separated her from the candies. The very sight of the candies was making her heart beat faster. She smiled and her tongue touched her lower gum, were a milk tooth used to be a few days back. The pain was gone but the place felt awkwardly empty.

One of the store girls reached the counter and asked her, “Hi dear! Would you like some chocolates?” “Yes, but I am waiting for my papa. He is over there.” She turned around and pointed at some random direction. But no one was there. Her little heart skipped a beat. “Papa, papa, papa…” she started calling at her the top of her voice. Her eyes welled up with tears.

“We have a lost child in aisle three. Please…” the sales girl stopped midway as she saw a man rush towards the counter.

The little girl had forgotten about the candies. When she saw her father, her smile returned. It was the beautiful and innocent smile of a little girl with incomplete number of teeth. The man bent near her and said, “Papa is here. Papa will always be there for you.” She hugged him tightly and whispered, “I love you papa.” “I love you too my princess.” He said.

After some time, the father and the daughter left the store. She had a huge red lollipop in one hand and held her father’s fingers in the other.

“…. I still remember that incident as if that happened yesterday. It’s been twenty two years but his love for me has grown over the years.” The bride said with a beautiful smile on her face. She was no longer the little girl who got lost in the store.


“I am blessed to have such a loving and wonderful father.” She left the couple’s table and hugged her father who was already in tears.

“I love u dad…” she whispered. “I love you too my princess. Fly away and be happy.” The old man couldn’t say anything more.

Innocent Love-I


This event happened when I was in sixth standard.

Every Saturday in my school we used to have house meets. I was the house prefect and I had to keep my house under control for nearly two hours.  The members of the house consisted of students from third standard to sixth standard. There used to be a lot of hustle bustle because of the presence of so many students of varied age group. One day, as I and one of the other house prefects stood in front of everyone, a girl suddenly started crying. We rushed to her and she said that the boy sitting next to her was disturbing her. I caught the bugger by his shoulder and took both of them to the staff room. The girl refused to stop crying for a moment and the boy pleaded me to let him go.  

Usually during house meet, teachers used to get very busy with various type of work. Fortunately I found one of the lady teachers present at that time and I asked her to do something about them. The girl was from third standard and the guy from fourth standard. She asked the girl what exactly happened. The girl was hesitant at first but then she told us, “He told me- I love you”. And started crying again. The boy was blushing like peach and kept his head low to avoid any eye contact with the teacher who was smiling. She looked at me and said, “Abhishek, what should we do now?” I smiled at her and asked her to do whatever seemed appropriate. She asked the guy why he said that. He replied without raising his head, “She is very pretty.”

The teacher looked at me after hearing it. Then whatever she did and said next will never leave my head.

The teacher took the girl’s hand and asked her to stop crying. Then she said with a smile on her face, “Listen, what he said is nothing to feel ashamed for. He likes you and wants to be good friends with you. He will protect you from bullies and take care of you.”   

Then she turned to the boy and said, “Promise me you won’t give her any reason to cry again.” He nodded. “How about a handshake now?” she asked both of them. The girl wiped her tears and shook his hand. After that I left with both of them.

In the next house meet, I saw them sitting together again. But this time they were talking and giggling.


 After a year or two I forgot about both of them. Also we didn’t require to go for house meets.

I don’t know how they are doing now. I don’t know whether that boy is still in love with the girl. I don’t know whether they know the proper meaning of love or what people make a ruckus about every single day.

Whenever I look back at those times and think about them, I feel how love can be so silly yet a wonderful experience at the same time.

An open letter to Artists all around the World


After a wild feast of hunted antelopes and wild gooses, one of the cavemen, settled down in a cave to begin his act of scratching and digging on the walls of the cave. Interestingly, this act led to the very depiction of nature, the depth and feelings of the wildness and virgin environment present at that time. The carvings were directly influenced by his day to day activities, his surroundings and his herd. He had acquainted himself with some wild and small animals, the dark forests, the mountains, the river and the fire. The scene describing the caveman digging into the rugged surface with pointed and sharp stones in the presence of illumination of burning wood is very much similar to Leonardo da Vinci painting his masterpiece ‘the Mona Lisa’. It is an inner feeling, a deep emotion, which maybe inherited from birth by a few, who take the path which is only chosen by a few.

What encourages them to die for making a painting or sketch which may be completely useless for the development of the diseased society? Why do they work mindlessly for days,weeks,months and even years to paint a portrait even after exhausting their patience and losing inner-faith? Why do they choose the career which may or may not fetch them enough money to survive quite satisfactorily.

No one knows that save a true artist.

The lust to acquire fame, name and money is not what this group of people has in their minds. But, they posses the exceptional quality of understanding the nature quite deeply and closely. Whatever may be the subject; an artist looks beyond the physical and chemical composition of that subject and finally becomes a common existence, with his subject. He then brings the very subject to life on a plane by using the feelings he has for the subject in front of his eyes. For us, it may seem funny when an artist sitting on a river bank sketches the picture of a gliding fish. But, who cares about the love and affection of that person for that creature which seems extra ordinary to his very eyes.

Artists love their work more than their lives. They do care about everything around them shelves but form a tight bond with their work which is in their hands. Love for a woman is completely different from an artist loving his unfinished portrait. But also, both of them have some similarities.

Art went over a huge change and development during past two centuries. Life is getting advanced and sophisticated. But, even now, if I see someone working on Photoshop or corel draw on a computer, I will say, he or she may have the same emotions which the renaissance painters had…