Mr. Paradox and His Talking Mirror Part I

It was still raining when he reached his home. He took off his coat and glared at the mirror hanging on the wall. He saw his reflection and looked away. 
‘How was your day?’ The man in the mirror asked him. ‘You tell me!’ He gave a stern look and banged his fist on the wall.

‘Relax! You need to control yourself or else you will never get what you want!’ The reflection grinned and peered at him.
‘Why didn’t things go like they were meant to be?’ He asked with tears in his eyes.
‘That’s life, my friend!’ The grin had vanished.
‘I am not a bad person! You know that, don’t you?’ He asked the mirror in an inquisitive voice.
‘It doesn’t matter! Your actions make you the person you really are.’ The reflection replied.
He took out her picture from his wallet. A big drop of tear fell on it and he wiped it with his thumb. 
‘I will never forget her face, her smile, her voice, her touch….’ He walked away from the mirror. 
The reflection vanished along with him.
To be continued…



Whispers in the Dark… A Different Story…

Tick tock tick tock…

The sound of the wall clock reached his ears while he turned towards her. The bed was too small for them and it creaked every time somebody turned or moved just like the door of the rented apartment where they were living together for the last two months. He found it difficult to fall asleep and kept checking his watch. He had a night shift and he hated his job for he never found much time for her. She was still finishing her post-graduation but loved him wholeheartedly. He tried to look at her face closely through the darkness while her warm breath fell on his unshaven face. Her perfectly shaped lips quivered as she dreamed in her sleep with her hand around him and her leg intertwined with his. She looked even more beautiful and adorable while she slept and he usually found it difficult to sleep without cuddling with her. It had become a habit for him. She was always there in one corner of his mind no matter where he was and what he did. They were in love and they were happy.

He closed on her and kissed her lips. He found it electrifying and he kissed her again. ‘Mmm…’ She mumbled in her sleep. Soon her lips had parted to make way for his. She pulled his head towards her and kissed him passionately. She was wide awake now.

‘I was dreaming about you.’ She whispered and smiled. He put his hand around her and rubbed his nose with hers. ‘You look irresistible when you are dreaming!’ He smiled back. ‘I miss you every damn day!’ He could feel her loneliness vicariously through her words. Tears glided down her warm cheeks. He wiped her tears.

It was the perfect dilemma for a working individual. He knew that there was nothing else he could do. Even she understood everything. Love is something to sacrifice and even wait for if required.  

 ‘I love you sweetheart!’ He whispered in her ear and kissed her forehead. ‘I love you more!’ She put her hands behind his head and united their lips again…