A Christmas Story

I checked the old thermometer hanging on the wall. I shook it. After just six days there was going to be a big New Year party and it was still twenty degrees Celsius outside. I stared at the giant white screen and the cursor blinking, awaiting my next move. The Romanian dance number just kept playing in my head even after it had stopped playing half an hour ago. I gave a stern look at my computer and looked away. I closed my eyes. I knew that the cursor was still dancing on the screen but I could think of absolutely nothing. And I hated that feeling. More than being alone in a two room apartment with absolutely no one to talk to. Ever since I had stopped seeing her, I had lost my touch. I had told her countless of times that she was the source of my inspiration while every time, she looked lovingly at me with her deep brown eyes. The best moments we shared happened during our evening strolls. So, I decided to go out for a walk.

He came out of the tall building and looked around. He checked his wrist watch and sighed. It was already fifteen past six. He then started walking towards the bus stop. Today was the day, when he was going to propose to her. He had met her when he was undergoing his job training. After the strenuous nine hours, she was like a refreshing breeze for him. She was the most wonderful girl he had met in his life.

She adjusted her glasses and checked her cellphone. There was not a single new message in her inbox. She opened one of his texts which he had sent her last night. He had asked her to wait for him after her office got over. She smiled. She loved him a lot.  

I kept on walking aimlessly. God, I couldn’t help but hum the tune again and again. I couldn’t understand a single word of the song but the words just kept playing inside my head. I felt like taking the bus to the theatre. So, I walked towards the bus stop. I saw a girl standing there with a notepad and a cellphone in her hand. I stood by her side while thinking about the next story to write.       

“Maybe he will not come. He must be busy in a meeting or something.” She thought as she waited for him. She tore a small piece of paper from her notepad and scribbled something on it. “Excuse me; can you please give this note to anyone who comes looking for me?” “Okay…” I took the note but before I could say anything, she walked away in hurried steps.     

“Excuse me; have you seen a girl in glasses waiting for the bus?” He asked me with a grim look on his face. He got late while searching for a florist. “Yes, I think she was looking for you too. She just walked away five minutes ago.” “Damn it!” He looked dejected. “She left a note with me.” I handed him the small piece of paper. He opened it eagerly but the paper fell off his hand as soon as he finished reading it. “Are you okay?” I asked him as he stood there grinding his teeth. The flowers and small red box gave me a vague idea of what was happening. “Today was the day I…” He stopped in the middle of his sentence as he clasped the bouquet tightly in his arms. I put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey!” Someone shouted from the other side of the street. Both of us looked in unison. It was her. He ran in her direction ignoring the traffic like a mad man. He hugged her as soon as he got to the other side. He whispered something in her ear and she waved at me. I smiled and waved back at her. I watched them walk away hand in hand.

I picked up the note that was lying on the ground. It read-

“I will always be with you no matter what…”               

I felt like going home. Something had restored the meaning of true love in my troubled head.

Merry Christmas.