What Happened Just the Other Day… #1


I sprinted out of my home in hopes of securing a seat in the air-conditioned Volvo. By the time I reached the bus-stop, the bus was almost filled with the regular office and college goers. I took the seat next to the one near the window of the second last row of the bus. The uncle beside me was fast asleep. I put on my earphones and the bus started moving with some odd sixty-seventy passengers.

I opened the news app and started reading the daily updates.

Samsung, HTC, Sony launched their flagship…

Swipe, swipe, swipe…

Search for MH370 conti…

(Grip hardening around the phone and with a disgusted look) Swipe, swipe, swipe…


Swipe, swipe, swipe…


What is that heavenly aroma? I lifted my face a few centimeters before I could fathom the source. 

Her hair was still moist and it glistened as sunlight found its way through the cracks and crevices in the agitated standing crowd. I tried hard not to sneeze as her hair kept brushing across my face. I had to look cool no matter what! 

The tag hanging by her neck kept swaying in thin air as she held the handle over my seat’s backrest with one hand and toyed with her silver iPhone with the other. She was from a different company.

As her deep brown eyes moved swiftly, she occasionally crinkled her nose a bit and her dimples on her rosy cheeks would become more prominent. Like a ritual, she pushed some stray locks with her thumb with the phone holding hand and looked outside the window for a second before she lost herself over the phone again. She wore a stylish bracelet and she adjusted it frequently as it glided down her hand.   

As I looked at her (probably open-mouthed) totally transfixed on her beautiful face, I saw an old lady standing near her turn around and staring at me with a disgusted look on her face.   

I immediately shifted my gaze towards my wrist watch so that I could pretend I wasn’t exactly checking her out. The next time I looked up (a couple of minutes later) the old lady was not at her place. She must have probably gotten down at some stop.

For a moment I thought she was a relative of that hottie.

After a closer look, I realised that she was playing threes on her phone. Occasionally, she rocked her head repeatedly but gently and her glossy pink lips moved along with the lyrics of the song she was listening to.

The bus halted suddenly and she almost tore my shirt into two as she balanced herself. She looked at me with a sorry look on her face. Before she could say anything, I blurted out, “It’s okay!”

To be honest it was not okay! It was a costly and a new shirt.   

She smiled as she let go off my shirt. Darn! She had a beautiful smile.

I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with a colleague of mine (will mention about it in the next story for sure!).  

I tried hard to open my mouth and say something but nothing happened. I felt stupid but helpless at the same time. I had to do something and I was not going to back out. I had to start a conversation with her.

“Hey…” No sooner the word left my mouth, the conductor cried out the name of my stop. She looked at me as she removed an earphone, with a look so sweet that could wake me up from death, but alas! I got up from my seat and finished my sentence, “You can take my seat…!”

She gave me her one of those beautiful smiles to die for.

I got down along with ten other people, as each one tried to get down first. Before the bus disappeared in a cloud of dust and smoke I went for a last look. She was looking down at her phone.

As I shifted my gaze, I heard a knock on the glass window. She was waving at me. The sleepy uncle gave us a bewildered look as I waved back at her.

I didn’t see her after that day.

Maybe someday I will again! 🙂


(Condolences and Prayers for all the passengers and their families of flight MH370)



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