An Excerpt from a Love Story…

She checked the wall clock as she garnished the almost ready chicken.

10.30 A.M, 25/04/2014

A flood of memories washed over her as she remembered the first time she had cooked for him in their new home. He had become a fan of her culinary skills from that very day. He used to help her out with the cooking whenever he could and they would sometimes end up making out in the kitchen.

She neatly laid down the plates on the dining table and checked the clock again. She had another hour before she could see him again.

It was almost a year, when she had last hugged him. He was away on a business trip but he called her every single day no matter what. She would try to hold back her tears but then she failed every time she heard his voice over the line.

She took a quick shower. As she dried her hair near the dressing table, her eyes caught a glimpse of a framed photograph on the bed side table. Her mind drifted away.

10.30 A.M, 25/04/2009

She looked at the unfinished posters and decorations as he played a game on his laptop. She came near him and pressed the power button. He shot an angry look at her but then calmed down. She looked angrier than him but she had a reason to be so. “We need to finish it by afternoon. What the hell are you doing? I am working my ass off here, while others are busy getting drunk and you are playing games like a child!” She yelled as she put the hardened paint brushes in a water container. “God knows why you were selected for this committee, when all you do is screw up things!” She gave him a stern look and then looked away. “Go away and leave me alone. I will finish it myself!” He got up and went near as she arranged the paint tubes and boxes. He whispered something into her ear which enraged her even more. She left the room without saying anything.

He smiled and he knew it was time to do what he did best. Improvise!

10.30 P.M, 25/04/2009

The farewell party was a huge success. The faculty had praised the cultural team, especially the cultural lead, for the outstanding work. She stood near the dj table, completely clueless, about everything.

“So, did you like it?” He asked her with a grin on his face. “I Love it! But, how and why?” She was smiling now. “Just like I said before, I joined the committee just for you.” He winked as he led her to the dance floor. The seniors, who were completely drunk, were dancing like maniacs. While, the music grew louder and the crowd grew fiercer, they slow danced in the center in a completely different world. She smiled as he twirled her. “How did you do all this…” He cut her in the middle of her sentence and kissed her neck. She blushed in his arms, as the lights grew dimmer. “I love you!” She closed her eyes as he inched closer to her and pressed his lips against hers. Time stopped around them as they embraced each other.

Startled by a familiar feeling, she opened her eyes only to find him holding her just like that night. He opened his eyes and their lips parted.

“Still hiding the spare key in my shoes!” He exclaimed, as they laughed in unison. She didn’t hear him enter the room, but now hugged him tightly with tears in her eyes. They still looked the same, the guy who loved playing video games and the girl who loved solving math problems and sketching, just like the people from the bed side table photograph.           



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