Lord’s Cafe Part II

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An Excerpt from a Love Story…

She checked the wall clock as she garnished the almost ready chicken.

10.30 A.M, 25/04/2014

A flood of memories washed over her as she remembered the first time she had cooked for him in their new home. He had become a fan of her culinary skills from that very day. He used to help her out with the cooking whenever he could and they would sometimes end up making out in the kitchen.

She neatly laid down the plates on the dining table and checked the clock again. She had another hour before she could see him again.

It was almost a year, when she had last hugged him. He was away on a business trip but he called her every single day no matter what. She would try to hold back her tears but then she failed every time she heard his voice over the line.

She took a quick shower. As she dried her hair near the dressing table, her eyes caught a glimpse of a framed photograph on the bed side table. Her mind drifted away.

10.30 A.M, 25/04/2009

She looked at the unfinished posters and decorations as he played a game on his laptop. She came near him and pressed the power button. He shot an angry look at her but then calmed down. She looked angrier than him but she had a reason to be so. “We need to finish it by afternoon. What the hell are you doing? I am working my ass off here, while others are busy getting drunk and you are playing games like a child!” She yelled as she put the hardened paint brushes in a water container. “God knows why you were selected for this committee, when all you do is screw up things!” She gave him a stern look and then looked away. “Go away and leave me alone. I will finish it myself!” He got up and went near as she arranged the paint tubes and boxes. He whispered something into her ear which enraged her even more. She left the room without saying anything.

He smiled and he knew it was time to do what he did best. Improvise!

10.30 P.M, 25/04/2009

The farewell party was a huge success. The faculty had praised the cultural team, especially the cultural lead, for the outstanding work. She stood near the dj table, completely clueless, about everything.

“So, did you like it?” He asked her with a grin on his face. “I Love it! But, how and why?” She was smiling now. “Just like I said before, I joined the committee just for you.” He winked as he led her to the dance floor. The seniors, who were completely drunk, were dancing like maniacs. While, the music grew louder and the crowd grew fiercer, they slow danced in the center in a completely different world. She smiled as he twirled her. “How did you do all this…” He cut her in the middle of her sentence and kissed her neck. She blushed in his arms, as the lights grew dimmer. “I love you!” She closed her eyes as he inched closer to her and pressed his lips against hers. Time stopped around them as they embraced each other.

Startled by a familiar feeling, she opened her eyes only to find him holding her just like that night. He opened his eyes and their lips parted.

“Still hiding the spare key in my shoes!” He exclaimed, as they laughed in unison. She didn’t hear him enter the room, but now hugged him tightly with tears in her eyes. They still looked the same, the guy who loved playing video games and the girl who loved solving math problems and sketching, just like the people from the bed side table photograph.           


One Day…

She was putting on her earrings when he entered the room. The lights above the mirrors illumined her flawless face. Her pink top and black leggings complimented her body in more than one way.

He looked at her and then at the open book in front of her. She glanced at it while running her fingers down her hair while she muttered words to herself. She looked distracted.

“Go home, Sunaina.” He put a hand on her shoulder. She looked at his reflection and smiled. “It’s Cherry!” She said sheepishly and looked away, now putting on a pink eye shade.

“For me, it will always be Sunaina.” No one knew her real name save him at that place. He settled on the chair beside her. Her smile had faded by then.

“Susie will take your shift…” She glared at him and he stopped midway. There was a reason he admired her more than the other girls. She was adamant like a seven year old.

“So, how is she?” She asked him as she pressed a small tissue paper between her lips. The red color made her look more desirable than she already was.

“She is fine now.” He replied back as she unlocked her phone to check her inbox. She sighed as she opened a new text from an old geezer, who had fallen for her. Most of the texts were filthy one liners, which described his plans for her, if she offered herself to him.

“Five minutes!” Someone knocked on the door and left. Both of them turned their heads towards the door and then they looked at each other. She got up from her chair and asked, “How do I look?”

“I don’t have words to describe as usual.” They laughed in unison.

“I wish…” He got up and stood in front of her, now inches apart. “What?” She looked tiny in front of him. He had a well-built physique and sharp features. “That you didn’t have to do this tonight!” he lied. He wanted to take her away from that God forsaken place and give her all the happiness that she really deserved. But he couldn’t. He was just a college student like her. His part time job as a bouncer barely helped him with the fees.

“Oh, you are too sweet!” She gave him a peck on his cheek and pushed a roll of cash into his hand. His eyes welled up with helpless and gratitude. “Take me to your place when she is fine. Your mother had promised me that she would teach me the recipe for the cheesecakes!”

She winked at him as she opened the door and the loud music found its way inside the small makeup room. Whistles, curses and cheering could be heard as she sighed and left him.

“One day!” He thought. One day, he would make it up to her…  


What Happened Just the Other Day… #1


I sprinted out of my home in hopes of securing a seat in the air-conditioned Volvo. By the time I reached the bus-stop, the bus was almost filled with the regular office and college goers. I took the seat next to the one near the window of the second last row of the bus. The uncle beside me was fast asleep. I put on my earphones and the bus started moving with some odd sixty-seventy passengers.

I opened the news app and started reading the daily updates.

Samsung, HTC, Sony launched their flagship…

Swipe, swipe, swipe…

Search for MH370 conti…

(Grip hardening around the phone and with a disgusted look) Swipe, swipe, swipe…


Swipe, swipe, swipe…


What is that heavenly aroma? I lifted my face a few centimeters before I could fathom the source. 

Her hair was still moist and it glistened as sunlight found its way through the cracks and crevices in the agitated standing crowd. I tried hard not to sneeze as her hair kept brushing across my face. I had to look cool no matter what! 

The tag hanging by her neck kept swaying in thin air as she held the handle over my seat’s backrest with one hand and toyed with her silver iPhone with the other. She was from a different company.

As her deep brown eyes moved swiftly, she occasionally crinkled her nose a bit and her dimples on her rosy cheeks would become more prominent. Like a ritual, she pushed some stray locks with her thumb with the phone holding hand and looked outside the window for a second before she lost herself over the phone again. She wore a stylish bracelet and she adjusted it frequently as it glided down her hand.   

As I looked at her (probably open-mouthed) totally transfixed on her beautiful face, I saw an old lady standing near her turn around and staring at me with a disgusted look on her face.   

I immediately shifted my gaze towards my wrist watch so that I could pretend I wasn’t exactly checking her out. The next time I looked up (a couple of minutes later) the old lady was not at her place. She must have probably gotten down at some stop.

For a moment I thought she was a relative of that hottie.

After a closer look, I realised that she was playing threes on her phone. Occasionally, she rocked her head repeatedly but gently and her glossy pink lips moved along with the lyrics of the song she was listening to.

The bus halted suddenly and she almost tore my shirt into two as she balanced herself. She looked at me with a sorry look on her face. Before she could say anything, I blurted out, “It’s okay!”

To be honest it was not okay! It was a costly and a new shirt.   

She smiled as she let go off my shirt. Darn! She had a beautiful smile.

I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with a colleague of mine (will mention about it in the next story for sure!).  

I tried hard to open my mouth and say something but nothing happened. I felt stupid but helpless at the same time. I had to do something and I was not going to back out. I had to start a conversation with her.

“Hey…” No sooner the word left my mouth, the conductor cried out the name of my stop. She looked at me as she removed an earphone, with a look so sweet that could wake me up from death, but alas! I got up from my seat and finished my sentence, “You can take my seat…!”

She gave me her one of those beautiful smiles to die for.

I got down along with ten other people, as each one tried to get down first. Before the bus disappeared in a cloud of dust and smoke I went for a last look. She was looking down at her phone.

As I shifted my gaze, I heard a knock on the glass window. She was waving at me. The sleepy uncle gave us a bewildered look as I waved back at her.

I didn’t see her after that day.

Maybe someday I will again! 🙂


(Condolences and Prayers for all the passengers and their families of flight MH370)


A Christmas Story

I checked the old thermometer hanging on the wall. I shook it. After just six days there was going to be a big New Year party and it was still twenty degrees Celsius outside. I stared at the giant white screen and the cursor blinking, awaiting my next move. The Romanian dance number just kept playing in my head even after it had stopped playing half an hour ago. I gave a stern look at my computer and looked away. I closed my eyes. I knew that the cursor was still dancing on the screen but I could think of absolutely nothing. And I hated that feeling. More than being alone in a two room apartment with absolutely no one to talk to. Ever since I had stopped seeing her, I had lost my touch. I had told her countless of times that she was the source of my inspiration while every time, she looked lovingly at me with her deep brown eyes. The best moments we shared happened during our evening strolls. So, I decided to go out for a walk.

He came out of the tall building and looked around. He checked his wrist watch and sighed. It was already fifteen past six. He then started walking towards the bus stop. Today was the day, when he was going to propose to her. He had met her when he was undergoing his job training. After the strenuous nine hours, she was like a refreshing breeze for him. She was the most wonderful girl he had met in his life.

She adjusted her glasses and checked her cellphone. There was not a single new message in her inbox. She opened one of his texts which he had sent her last night. He had asked her to wait for him after her office got over. She smiled. She loved him a lot.  

I kept on walking aimlessly. God, I couldn’t help but hum the tune again and again. I couldn’t understand a single word of the song but the words just kept playing inside my head. I felt like taking the bus to the theatre. So, I walked towards the bus stop. I saw a girl standing there with a notepad and a cellphone in her hand. I stood by her side while thinking about the next story to write.       

“Maybe he will not come. He must be busy in a meeting or something.” She thought as she waited for him. She tore a small piece of paper from her notepad and scribbled something on it. “Excuse me; can you please give this note to anyone who comes looking for me?” “Okay…” I took the note but before I could say anything, she walked away in hurried steps.     

“Excuse me; have you seen a girl in glasses waiting for the bus?” He asked me with a grim look on his face. He got late while searching for a florist. “Yes, I think she was looking for you too. She just walked away five minutes ago.” “Damn it!” He looked dejected. “She left a note with me.” I handed him the small piece of paper. He opened it eagerly but the paper fell off his hand as soon as he finished reading it. “Are you okay?” I asked him as he stood there grinding his teeth. The flowers and small red box gave me a vague idea of what was happening. “Today was the day I…” He stopped in the middle of his sentence as he clasped the bouquet tightly in his arms. I put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey!” Someone shouted from the other side of the street. Both of us looked in unison. It was her. He ran in her direction ignoring the traffic like a mad man. He hugged her as soon as he got to the other side. He whispered something in her ear and she waved at me. I smiled and waved back at her. I watched them walk away hand in hand.

I picked up the note that was lying on the ground. It read-

“I will always be with you no matter what…”               

I felt like going home. Something had restored the meaning of true love in my troubled head.

Merry Christmas.  


The Girl in Purple Jeans- Final Chapter


‘Am I dreaming?’ I asked her. She was holding me tightly as I maneuvered my bike through the rain. ‘Okay, okay stop it! I said to her as she playfully bit my ear in reply. We ran inside my house, drenched in rain. I looked at her, as she wiped her hair. She looked so irresistibly beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off her even for a second. ‘Where were you all my life?’ I asked her as I pulled her towards me. ‘You really want to waste more precious moments of your life by asking that question right now?’ She smiled and put her hands around my shoulder. ‘I love you!’ My nose touched her neck and goose bumps spread like wild fire across her face and neck as I sucked a raindrop off her wet cheek. ‘I love you too!’ She united her lips with mine. After that we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. 
I don’t know how we ended up on my bedroom floor. She opened her tired eyes and looked at me with a smile as soon as I ran a finger around her face. ‘What made you change your mind?’ I asked her. ‘You!’ She replied. ‘I don’t understand!’ I looked into her eyes. ‘It just took you three days to make me fall and believe in love. And that is the reason why I decided to stay!’ She put her head on my chest and closed her eyes. I still couldn’t make head or tail of what she meant by that but I just wanted to wake up next to her every morning for the rest of my life. 
The clouds had given way to the sunlight that had finally found its way inside the house and into our lives…

The end.

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Asche Bochor Abar Hobe?


Asche Bochor Abar Hobe: [Bengali Phrase] It will happen again next year, in context with Durga Puja.

Dashami: Tenth and the last day of Durga Puja.

Kichu Bolbe: [Bengali Phrase] Do you want to ask something?

Peas-pulao: Indian recipe made with rice and peas.


5 minutes ago…
‘The flight for Delhi is…’ I kept dashing through the airport like a mad man. I had something in my mind. This is not the way I wanted it to be!

The night before…

‘You looked great in that maroon sari!’ I kept walking away from the crowd for a better reception. 
‘You looked handsome too in your blue Kurta…’ I was in love with her voice already. ‘So tell me when are we going to meet tomorrow? I have something to tell you!’ Suddenly my heart beat got faster. ‘Same time! Is something wrong?’ I was perspiring already. ‘Nothing is wrong dear.’ She replied calmly. ‘Okay see you tomorrow, don’t be late. Bye!’ I pocketed the phone and looked at the idol from the distance. I did a silent prayer. I went back inside the pandal and joined the wild crowd. 

The next morning…
As soon as I saw her get down from the cab, I started framing sentences in my head to compliment her. She looked gorgeous and shone brightly with the Dashami morning thanks to her yellow sari. She winked as she came near me and took a bite from the chicken roll in my hand. 
‘You look gre….’ She pulled my hand before I could finish and dragged me inside one of the mall’s lift. As the door closed behind us, she put her hands around me and kissed me passionately. As we left the lift and walked hand in hand, she looked at me and smiled. Red-faced, I smiled as well, remembering all the times we kissed for the past few days.
‘So what was the thing you wanted to tell me?’ I asked her as we ordered our lunch and sat face to face. ‘I love you!’ She said without flinching for a moment, her eyes fixed on mine. ‘And I know you love me too!’ She was right. After spending the last four days with her, I felt life spending the rest of my life with her. ‘Today I’m leaving Kolkata!’ I felt thunderstruck. The fork slipped from my hand and fell on the tiled floor as people stared at us. ‘I will be back after one year. This job is very demanding!’ She played with the peas-pulao with her spoon as she finally looked away from me. I choked like always. I couldn’t find words to say. I felt lost and helpless. Someone screamed in my head repeatedly, ‘Not again!’ 
We ate in silence. After lunch we stood for a while in one of the upper levels of the mall looking at the people walking below in colorful dresses. She leant on me, resting her head on my shoulder. I put my hand around her. She hugged me and said, ‘I am sorry!’ I kissed her forehead and tried to hold back my tears. 
‘I should leave. I have a flight to catch!’ We walked towards the exit. She stopped a cab and when she turned around to look at me, I asked loudly with a smile on my face, ‘Hey girl in purple jeans, when does your flight leave?’ ‘Eight!’ She gave me a flying kiss and waved as the cab left the place. 

‘The Flight for Delhi, did it leave?’ I asked the help desk lady, still panting for breath. ‘It’s in the runway. I am sorry sir!’ I looked away and looked at the glass walls overlooking the runway. Tears rolled down my cheeks as the very thought of losing her, maybe forever, passed my mind just like the flight, which now had disappeared in the night sky. I wiped my tears and kept staring blankly at the floor. ‘I should have stopped her, or maybe at least tried to stop her!’ I kept thinking. ‘I wish I had said something…’

Just then a bus ticket fell on my lap as someone stood in front of me. I picked it up and saw a sentence written on it…

‘Kichu bolbe?’

To be Contd…

Subho Bijoya… 🙂

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Dugga Dugga…

Durga Puja: also referred to as Durgotsava or Sharadotsav is an annual Hindu festival in South Asia that celebrates worship of the Hindu goddess Durga.

Dugga: Durga in some versions of Bengali language.

After tackling the frustrated crowd inside the brutally packed bus, I finally reached the bus stop near my home. As I got down, I looked up and thanked God for delivering me alive yet another day. As I waded past the wild pandal hopping crowd, I saw a gorgeous looking girl. Clad in an eye grabbing blue saree, she was going towards one of the big and famous pandals of my locality. I took out my cellphone and called my father and told him I was still stuck in the traffic. As I followed her totally enchanted by her beauty, I had an eerie feeling that I had seen her somewhere before. As she went inside and stood in front of the idol with folded hands I tried to get as close as possible. ‘Dugga dugga…’ She had a melodic voice. She stood there with her eyes closed and folded hands close to her face while I kept walking in her direction to talk with her. I stood by her side, closed my eyes and folded my hands thanking the almighty when suddenly someone whispered in my ear, ‘I am still waiting for your call!’ Thunderstruck, I opened my eyes. But to my horror she was not there anymore. I turned around and saw her leaving the pandal. She turned around and winked naughtily at me. And then I realized.
Darn! It was the girl in purple jeans… 

Happy Durga Puja to everyone… 🙂


To know about the girl in purple jeans, please click on the link: https://abhisheksinha99.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/the-girl-in-purple-jeans/

Letting Go…

Have you ever experienced an empty feeling inside you and everything suddenly feels bleak and life appears gloomy? Have you ever had that feeling when you have too much to share but you don’t have the right words to describe anything? Sometimes it may also happen that no matter how hard we try to let go of something the entire universe tries its best to bring it back in our lives. Maybe it’s written in our fate or it’s decided in the heavens. Life is unfathomable when it comes to certain things like love. And no matter how hard we try, things are meant to get screwed up but one thing I have realized that there comes a time when we truly become oblivious of everything and that is the time when something remarkable happens once again. And these surprises leave a person changed completely for the rest of his or her life. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do about them. When something is not meant to happen, it won’t happen no matter how hard we try.

‘So you are coming right?’ She asked him as she looked into the mirror. 
‘I am not sure whether I will….’ She stopped him in the middle of his sentence. 
‘I don’t want to listen to any of your excuses! You are coming and that’s final.’ She was adamant as always.
‘Alright, I will be there.’ He disconnected the line and looked at the picture hanging on the wall. He got up and went near it. The picture was taken somewhere in a hill resort. The memory of the smiling people in the photograph suddenly brought tears in his eyes. He wiped his tears and looked outside the window. The clouds in the sky drifted slowly and so did his mind which was heavy with memories. Once happy memories but now painful ones…

‘You are coming right?’ She asked him while packing her bag pack with woolen clothes. ‘It won’t be the same without you!’ She spoke in her super cute voice. ‘I will definitely come. I can’t miss this opportunity to be with you. Don’t know when we will see each other again after this!’ He replied excitedly. ‘I love you!’ She said as her roommate whistled naughtily. ‘I love you too!’ He said with a smile on his face. Then he ran towards his best friend’s room. He needed money badly as vacation in a hill station costs a lot of money.

He again looked at the picture hanging on the wall. And then he gazed across the room. He had a well-furnished bungalow but he lived all by himself. Once, he didn’t have hundred rupees in his pocket. But nowadays his name came up in leading magazines and newspaper whenever he made a donation in any charity trust.

‘It’s so cute!’ She exclaimed with joy as he handed her the small white teddy bear holding a heart with her name on it. ‘I love you so so so much!’ She kissed and hugged him tightly.

He looked at the small Buddha statue on his study table. His mind got flooded with memories once again.

‘Keep it with you. It will protect you from all sorts of problem.’ She put the small statue in his hand. She was wearing a beautiful Salwar Kameez that day and looked like a princess. He grinned while he pocketed it quickly and pulled her towards him. ‘You are a very bad boy!’ She blushed as they kissed. 

He looked at the beautifully decorated card lying on the couch. He held back his tears. A chill went down his spine as he suddenly remembered her crying face. The only thing he hated more than his loneliness was her tears.

He dressed up and left his home in the evening. 

“Now that you are gone, just wanna be with you. And I can’t go on, I wanna be with you…”

He turned off the music player as he entered the place. It was her favorite song. As soon as he left his car, suddenly he found himself amidst a group of completely unknown people. He roamed about the place with a slender glass of whiskey searching for her. Finally she appeared with a few friends of her. She was dressed magnificently and was covered with exotic jewelry. She looked at him and smiled. He couldn’t help but force a smile on his face. 
A feeling of helplessness had descended on him but he maintained his composure and held his ground till the wedding got over. 
Finally unable to hold back his tears he rushed outside. He took a deep breath and looked at the sky as firecrackers brightened up the sky. 
He smiled. He had finally let her go. Forever…


The Girl in Purple Jeans…

Thuk thak thuk thak…

An aroma spread across the rotting metallic bus as she walked towards me. I was still looking outside the window lost in thoughts when she took the seat beside me. I looked in her direction but froze in the act. ‘Pa…paa…parapa…’ She was humming some tune while listening to music on her foot-long cellphone. Her jet black hair extended upto her waist and she occasionally ran her slender fingers through it. Her face shone brightly and her lips complimented it in more than one way. Her ear rings were tiny hearts and they swayed with the moving bus. Apart from her well-proportioned body, the most striking feature was her purple jeans. She looked at me and asked, ‘Kichu bolbe?’ (Do you wanna say something?) Embarrassed, I shifted my gaze and replied with a gulp, ‘Na na…’ She smiled and I almost had a cardiac-arrest. I looked away and clutched the seat handle tightly.

Just then the bus took a sharp turn and her lips and nose grazed over my face. Her hair, apart from tickling my nose, smelled like fresh flowers in the garden. The passengers cursed the driver and his choddo gushti (lineage) for his rash driving but we kept staring at each other. ‘Kichu bolbe? I am sorry!’ She smiled again but this time the crimson hue on her face had amplified her cuteness thousand folds. ‘It’s okay!’ I was still going short on words and felt stupid inside. ‘Dada ticket ta katun!’ The conductor grinned ear to ear as he asked me for the ticket. As I gave him two ten rupees bill, he returned one of them back to me and said, ‘Khuzro din! Dui taka khuzro din!’ (Give me two rupees change!). I checked my wallet and found nothing apart from a hundred rupees note and my debit card. The girl noticed it and said, ‘Ami diye dicchi!’ (I will give!) ‘Thanks a lot!’ I felt rather embarrassed accepting money from her. The conductor kept grinning and I felt like swiping my debit card across his lips. He gave my ticket to her.

‘It’s okay!’ She replied. One minute passed and neither of us said anything except looking outside the window. 

‘My stop has come! See ya…!’ She put the ticket in my hand, got up and waved at me. I waved back. As she got down, suddenly I felt ‘Dhur! Kichu bolle bhalo hoto!’

(Darn! Should have said something to her!)

I looked at the ticket. Her number was written on it.